About Jane
 I believe that even in the dark moments we can find the light to show us the way on.                                    
Jane Sponiar, MSc.
Hello and welcome!
I am Jane Sponiar, teacher and healthy lifestyle believer with love for meditative arts and passion for sharing it with others.

I have a degree in coaching from Charles University in Prague, which was recognized in Canada as Masters Degree.
I was involved in a number of outdoor sports but my main focus was competetive swimming, and later I became a lecturer and professional coach. Besides that I devoted over 25 years to the healing arts of Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation and Reiki through teaching classes, workshops, and guiding retreats in Alberta, Canada.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, cross country skiing or relaxing in the mountains, appreciating the silence.

I hope to assist you on your journey towards well being, health and happiness.

                             With peace & love,

Living life without any limits is the highest state of existence.
                                                                ~Lieh Tzu

More Certification and Continuing Education:

~ Hatha Yoga Certified 
~ Tai Chi Wong style 
~ NCCP Level III 
~ Medical Qi Gong and Calligraphy with Dr.Aung 
~ Meditation and studies of Buddhism 
~ Reiki Master 
~ Yoga Therapy, CAT Level 4
~ Qigong (Spring Forest) Level 4 
~ Trained with P. Wayne, PhD. Harvard Med. School, simplified Tai Chi  
~ Public Speaking basics 

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