Private sessions

Jane specializes in small groups & one on one, to serve your personal needs.

Reiki Certification with Jane Sponiar, Reiki Master since 2009

Level 1
This level covers history, basic principles and chakras. You will receive attunement to this healing art, as well as a treatment exchange for learning purposes. 
Main focus of Level 1 is on self healing.
Two half days
$299 (plus GST)

Level 2
In this class you will receive attunement in order to learn about Distance and Emotional healing and you will learn Reiki symbols. The journey of self development continues but the main focus is on helping others. Part of this class is using meditation and Qigong as tools to dive deeper into energy work.
Two half days
$337 (plus GST)

Level 3 (Reiki Master)
This level is focused on becoming a Reiki Master in order to teach this healing art to others. You will be given the opportunity to practice passing attunement and you will learn more Reiki symbols. We will also share more tips for personal development.
Two longer half days or more if needed.
$399 (plus GST)

Other Private sessions

Energy session (60 minutes) -  includes Reiki, Qigong and Chakra balancing
$100 at your home

Intro to Tai Chi (90 minutes) - includes teaching & instructional DVD
(value of 8 week session; learn basics with Jane & continue on your own)
$125 at your home

Healthy Back Yoga/ Creating home practice (90 minutes)
Based on principles of Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy, Jane will consider your individual condition and will design a specific program for your personal home practice.
 $125 at your home

Inner Smile (90 minutes) - guided self healing visualization plus energy balancing
Includes meditation CD
$125 at your home

Dive Deeper into your practice.
Contact us to discuss your needs.